Piper's Finger Fence for Bagpipes

Never attach another wire coat hanger to your chanter!

The Piper’s Finger Fence™ is an effective new tool to help bagpipers train their fingers to stay close to the chanter while playing. It promotes quick, efficient finger movements that will ensure faster, cleaner fingerwork!

pipers finger fence useEasy to use on any practice chanter or pipe chanter!

Made from soft and durable rubber, the Piper’s Finger Fence™ will not scratch or damage blackwood or plastic chanters!

How the Piper’s Finger Fence works: Simply bend the Piper’s Finger Fence™ around the top section of your practice chanter or around the stock on your pipe chanter. Flatten it an inch or so above the holes. Twist another loop around the bottom of the chanter to secure it. You now have a “fence” above your fingers to control their height!

The height of the Piper’s Finger Fence™ is easily adjustable! Simply bend it to customize it closer or further away to corral your wild fingers!


Durable. Lasting. Reusable from one chanter to another.